Executive MBA: Skrojony dla Liderów Biznesu
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Type of studies               postgraduate
Study mode part-time
Language english
Duration 2 years (4 semesters)
Price from 3000 EUR per semester

Our prestigious Executive MBA programs are designed for mature professionals who aspire to enhance their management skills, advance their careers, and achieve business success at the highest level. Executive MBA programs provide an excellent opportunity for business leaders, mid to senior-level managers, and entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge, gain new perspectives, and develop key skills necessary for effective leadership in today’s dynamic business environment.

Highest Quality of Business Education

Our faculty comprises experienced business practitioners and globally recognized academics who deliver the latest knowledge, tools, and practical skills necessary for successful functioning in today’s global business landscape. Executive MBA programs encompass advanced courses in areas such as business strategy, financial management, leadership, change management, marketing, operations, data analysis, and business ethics.

Preparation for Global Business Challenges

Within the Executive MBA program, our students acquire the skills necessary to effectively manage in a dynamic and competitive business environment. Our advanced
classes and practical projects prepare graduates to make key business decisions, solve
problems, build growth strategies, and manage teams on a global scale.

Career and Business Development Prospects

Students in the Executive MBA program gain not only solid theoretical foundations but also practical skills necessary for advancement to higher managerial positions, the development of their own businesses, or effective business leadership. Graduates of our programs are highly valued by employers and often advance to managerial positions within their organizations or succeed as entrepreneurs.

Program Description

The Executive MBA program is a comprehensive education program designed for mature professionals who seek to improve their management skills, advance professionally, and achieve business success at the highest level. Our program is created for individuals who want to gain advanced knowledge in management, leadership, and business strategy to effectively operate in a dynamic and competitive business environment

Topics Covered During Studies:

During the Executive MBA program, participants will delve into a range of key topics, including:

  • Business strategy and strategic management 
  • Finance and managerial accounting 
  • Leadership and team management 
  • Change management and innovation 
  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • Data analysis and business decision-making

Modules of the Executive MBA Postgraduate Studies Program

  1. Strategic Management:
    — Strategic analysis and business planning
    — Organizational change management
    — Building competitive strategies 

  2. Finance and Managerial Accounting: 
    — Financial analysis and evaluation of investment projects 
    — Managerial accounting and budgeting 
    — Financing of ventures and managing financial liquidity

  3. Leadership and Team Management: 
    — Development of leadership skills and team building
    — Motivation and conflict management 
    — Effective communication and negotiations

  4. Marketing and Communication Strategies: 
    — Marketing strategies and market analysis 
    — Brand building and marketing communication 
    — Customer relationship management (CRM)

  5. Operational Management: 
    — Management of operational processes 
    — Production planning and quality management 
    — Process optimization

  6. Data Analysis and Business Intelligence: 
    — Methods of data analysis and business analytics 
    — Utilization of BI tools and information systems 
    — Data interpretation and data-driven decision making

  7. Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship: 
    — Creativity and innovation in business 
    — Management of the innovation process 
    — Establishment and development of startups and innovative enterprises

  8. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility:
    — Fundamentals of business ethics and CSR 
    — Sustainable development management 
    — Integration of ethical values with business objectives 

  9. International Business Aspects: 
    — Globalization and international business strategies 
    — Interculturalism in business and negotiations 
    — Risk management and security in the context of international operations

  10. Individual Project or Management Practice: 
    — Research project or managerial practice under the supervision of a mentor 
    — Development of a business strategy or solving a specific organizational problem


To be admitted to our Executive MBA program, candidates must meet certain requirements, including:

  1. Holding a completed higher education degree (bachelor’s or equivalent) 
  2. Minimum of five years of professional experience, including at least three years in managerial or leadership positions
  3. Documented professional and academic achievements 
  4. Achieving an appropriate score on entrance exams or undergoing the recruitment process

Begin your journey to business success and join our elite community of business leaders today!

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