Administration and Management of International Business Projects
EU and International Administration
Type of studies               Bachelor's degree
Study mode Full-time and part-time
Language english
Duration 3 years (6 semesters)
Price from 1600 EUR per semester

The «International Relations Administration» program focuses on providing students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in managing and navigating international relations in various contexts. It prepares graduates for careers in diplomacy, international organizations, global governance, and foreign affairs

Topics Covered During Studies

  • International Diplomacy and Negotiation: Understanding diplomatic protocols, negotiation strategies, and conflict resolution mechanisms in international relations.
  • Global Governance and Institutions: Studying the structure and functions of international organizations, such as the United Nations, World Bank, and European Union, and their roles in global governance.
  • Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis: Analyzing foreign policy approaches of different countries and their implications for international relations.
  • International Law and Human Rights: Exploring legal frameworks governing international relations, human rights treaties, and mechanisms for promoting human rights at the global level.
  • Global Security Challenges: Examining contemporary security challenges, including terrorism, cyber threats, and nuclear proliferation, and strategies for international cooperation in addressing them.

Knowledge: Students gain knowledge of diplomatic protocols, global governance structures, foreign policy analysis methods, international legal frameworks, and global security challenges.

Skills: Graduates develop skills in diplomatic negotiation, policy analysis, intercultural communication, legal reasoning, and conflict resolution.

Competencies: Upon completion of the program, students possess competencies in diplomatic communication, policy advocacy, international law compliance, conflict mediation, and crisis management.

Employment Prospects

  • Diplomatic Officer
  • Policy Analyst
  • International Development Consultant
  • Global Affairs Specialist
  • Human Rights Advocate
  • International Security Analyst

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